Is Whitewater Rafting Safe?

Just like every other outdoor adventure activity, the simple answer is no. However, whitewater river rafting can be done safely with proper outfitters, professional guides, equipment, instruction, and appropriate conditions. The same question can be asked about skiing, bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, water skiing, swimming,  operating a vehicle, etc. Doing all of these activities carry risk in uncontrollable outdoor environments and cannot be guaranteed safe.

At Tahoe Whitewater Tours safety is our #1 priority. From the time you call to reserve your trip through the time we say good-bye we are always looking out for safe practices in our operation. Ask our friendly reservation staff (530-587-5777), check out rapid classifications, and choose a trip that matches your group’s adventure ability. We will always promise transparency in pairing your needs and expectations with the greatest river experience available to you. 

Tahoe Whitewater Tours has an outstanding safety record with over 30 year of operation. We operate as a well oiled machine thanks to our safety protocols and high standards we place on our guides and equipment.

Guide Training and Experience

Our guides are required to have First Aid CPR training, guide and river rescue training. Many of our guides have current Wilderness First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician Certifications as well.

Additionally, many of our river guides are certified Swiftwater Rescue Technicians and have a wide variety of guiding experience in all types of adventure activities and guiding operations around the world. All of our whitewater rafting trips are equipped with First Aid kits and river rescue  equipment. In the beginning of each trip, our guests receive helmets and coast guard approved flotation  devices along with an extensive safety orientation. There are, of course, inherent risks involved with whitewater rafting trips that everyone should evaluate before deciding on a specific rafting adventure. Just  ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable reservation staff about which river adventure is best for you  and let us take care of the rest. We always strive to provide each guest with the safest, greatest and most  memorable rafting trip possible. 

With 30 years of whitewater operations we have an incredible safety record for our trips.

Do I have to know how to swim to enjoy a whitewater rafting trip?

This is a question we are asked regularly. Many of our guests are not good swimmers and  knowing how to swim is not required in order to enjoy our many rafting adventures. We supply type V  life jackets. Just ask one of our friendly and helpful reservation staff which trip  is right for you and which trip might provide a less difficult whitewater rating while still providing plenty  of excitement and a wonderful rafting experience. If you’re not comfortable swimming, we recommend these trips:

Class II East Fork Carson River

Class III Truckee River Verdi – Mayberry

If I have a medical condition, will this prevent me from being able to join a whitewater rafting trip?

When you reserve your trip, please inform our helpful reservation staff of any medical conditions you or  someone in your group may have, so we can prepare for any situation. If you have serious concerns about  your condition, please consider consulting with a physician prior to reserving you whitewater rafting trip.  Please know that existing or prior medical conditions or concerns will not necessarily prevent you from  enjoying on of our many whitewater adventures. However, not disclosing this information to our  reservation staff or your guide or trip leader can present problems for both you and the rest of the  participants on your specific river adventure. Please let your guides know of any conditions: diabetes,  asthma, epilepsy, heart condition, pregnant, etc. Let our guides know so they are fully informed and can  help to make you most comfortable and provide you with the safest and greatest river trip.