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  • Advanced Whitewater
  • Available in the Spring Time Only

North Fork American River: Chamberlain Falls

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

Paddle the Wild Waters on a Rafting Trip on the North Fork American River in CA!

River: North Fork of the American River
Section: Chamberlain Falls Run
Duration: Full Day Experience (13 River Miles, Approximately 4.5 Hours on the River)
Minimum Age: 13
Arrival Times: Monday/ Friday (Meet at 8:30 am) Weekend TBD-
Meals: Yes, We provide everyone with a riverside sandwich buffet-style lunch
Price: $145.00 per person (Includes Everything: Transportation, gear, guided trip, and lunch (River use fees not included)
Whitewater Class: Class IV+ (Intermediate/Advanced)
Raft Sizes: 13’ & 14’ rafts, accommodating up to 6 guests + a guide
Guided Tours: Professional River Guide in each raft giving instructions throughout the journey
Accessibility: Easily accessed from North Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Sacramento, San Francisco, and the Bay Area

Trip Highlights:

  • Beautiful steep-walled jungle-like gorge
  • Excitement from top to bottom
  • Exhilarating technical whitewater rapids
  • Crystal-clear water from a free-flowing river
  • Centrally located in California; 2 hours from the Bay Area, 2 hours from Lake Tahoe
  • Delicious riverside lunch

Where We Meet:

  • The rear Parking lot of Raleys Grocery Store: 13384 Lincoln Way Auburn, CA 94603
  • Located just off interstate 80 at the Forrest Hill Exit
  • Secure parking, a large shopping complex with restrooms, and a store for last-minute items

About The Trip:

  • Easily accessed from North Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Sacramento, San Francisco, and the Bay Area
  • Available in Spring for a short time due to snowmelt runoff
  • Flows through a beautifully carved granite canyon with tall jungle-like foliage
    Whitewater action includes continuous class III+ rapids, leading to the main drop “Chamberlain Falls”
  • Rapids continue with quick succession, offering excitement around each bend
  • One of the most beautiful river canyons with some of the best whitewater in California

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Swimming Skills: Recommended but not mandatory; Type V, US Coast Guard-approved flotation devices provided
  • What to Wear: Packing lists are available for different trip types; be prepared for changing weather
  • First Time Experience: No experience required; recommended for Class IV Adventures

What To Expect:

After Making a Reservation:
  • Confirmation email with tour details
  • Online waivers available to sign and share with other group members
  • “Trip Details PDF” attached with driving directions, pack list, and itinerary
Day of the Tour – Arriving at our Meeting Location:
  • Meet at the Rear Parking lot of Raleys shopping complex
  • Check-in at the whitewater river rafting van marked Tahoe Whitewater Tours
  • Board a rafting bus for a 25-minute drive to the river
What to expect on the North Fork American River Chamberlain Falls Run:
  • River Begins with excitement right from the start!
  • Navigate through steep canyons, house-sized granite boulders, narrow chutes, and technical rapids
  • Class IV rapids like “Slaughters Sluice”, “Chamberlain Falls”, “Zig Zag”, and the challenging “Bogus Thunder”
  • Lunch break by the naturally flowing river
  • Available only during spring snowmelt and high water seasons
  • LIMITED AVAILABILITY: This naturally flowing river is only available when the snow pack is melting.
  • Everyday midweek, Monday through Friday, and some weekends from late April through the end of May flows depending.

Why Choose Tahoe Whitewater Tours?

  • Experienced river guides prioritizing safety and guest service on our Class IV+ Adventures
  • Commitment to providing the wildest ride on the North Fork of the American River
  • High Adventure Trips require a team effort; guests expected to exert high physical energy

Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure on the North Fork American River:

Journey into the heart of untamed waters on the North Fork of the American River, where every moment promises exhilarating excitement and unparalleled natural beauty. This isn’t just a rafting trip – it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fueled escapade that will leave you breathless and longing for more. Conveniently accessible from North Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Sacramento, San Francisco, and the Bay Area, this is your ticket to an extraordinary adventure that transcends the ordinary.

Imagine yourself amidst the majestic beauty of a river, set free by the thaw of winter’s embrace. As spring breathes life into the landscape, the North Fork of the American River comes alive, carving its way through a breathtaking granite canyon adorned with lush, jungle-like foliage. It’s a fleeting spectacle, available only for a short window of time when the snowpack melts, making each journey a rare and precious opportunity to witness nature’s grandeur at its finest. Thrills Await Around Every Bend:

Prepare to be swept away by the pulse-pounding excitement that awaits as you navigate the river’s twists and turns. From the thunderous entrance of class III+ rapids to the jaw-dropping descent of “Chamberlain Falls,” each moment is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that will ignite your sense of adventure like never before. With names like “Slaughters Sluice,” “Zig Zag,” and “Bogus Thunder,” these rapids are not just challenges – they’re badges of honor for those brave enough to conquer them.

At Tahoe Whitewater Tours, we don’t just guide rafts; we craft experiences that push the boundaries of excitement. Our seasoned river guides are more than just navigators – they’re stewards of thrill, committed to delivering the wildest ride the North Fork has to offer. With a focus on safety and guest satisfaction, you can trust that you’re in good hands every step of the way. So, whether you’re a seasoned rafter or a first-time adventurer, join us as we embark on a journey filled with heart-pounding thrills, unforgettable moments, and memories that will last a lifetime.